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Never worry about clothing storage again.
Save space. Save money. Save the planet. 

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What do we do?

Ouros Cloud Closet is a subscription-based clothing management service for everyday people.

We put your closet into the palm of your hand!

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How It Works

Climate-Controlled Storage!

Virtual Closet!

Weekly Deliveries!

All Items Insured!

Safe, Secure and Simple!

Ouros Cloud Closet

- Provides pickup, storage and delivery
- Virtual Closet to view all items
- Saves time, energy, money and space
- Starts at $19.99/mo

In-Home Storage

- Never enough space
- Clutters your home
- Items are misplaced
- Spend money on shelves and hangers

Storage Units

- Costs $108/mo on average
- Requires too much effort
- Takes time out of your day
- Can't track what's in storage

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